Inkworks Tattoo Studio

Inkworks Tattoo Korea, is the biggest and most established Tattoo shop in Korea. It has two shops in Hongdae, and Busan, as well as in Artisia, and Korea Town in LA, California.

Boasting a total of 17 artists, including 6 state licensed artists from the US, Inkworks is Korea’s premier Tattoo Studio.  It regularly hosts the legendary Phillip Spearmanm (ranked number 5 in the world), alongside local legend and resident JB.

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The Rong and Winding Load

The Rong and Winding Load

By John Bocskay

How two foreigners boarded an express sightseeing bus and were transformed into stammering degenerates.


They do as they please and no one can stop them: rise before dawn, pack into a bus, and start hitting it: partying all day on a bleary-eyed tour, shattering the peace of the countryside with their whoops and hollers, rocking and bouncing the bus on its axles along the freeway, dancing in a trance in the aisles, the pounding beat driving the revelers further and further…




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