Women in Korea #2 Post-show

Women in Korea #2 (post show)
May 9, 2010
Part#1 of the show here
Participants: Anneth Bun-as, Alex Karpen, Mindy Sisco, & Valerie Schmitt
Topics: Discussing Sexuality in the Classroom

Chat Log Below

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Women in Korea #2 post-show Chat Log


21:11:33 Paco -> and the fella also talked about wanting to save the kids morality. surely thats an individual choice of what morality means?
21:12:14 Paco -> so being told about the subject matter is really necessary for any highschooler to form a moral opinion
21:12:31 Paco -> you cant just protect children by not telling them anything?
21:13:40 val -> i'm lost paco
21:13:52 Paco -> not half as lost as me
21:13:53 val -> joining the conversation on skype?
21:14:12 Paco -> no bandwidth. ny comp is on the cusp of quitting on me 21:14:14 Paco -> :-(
21:14:19 val -> awww
21:14:28 val -> can you hear the convo still going?
21:14:44 Paco -> still too many people speaking at the same time thought
21:14:50 val -> I agree
21:16:22 Paco -> agreed
21:18:14 Paco -> and if they have grown then why is the blogger so up in arms about protecting the "children"
21:18:44 Paco -> at what age is it ok to start discussing sexuality and not just instructing?
21:18:54 val -> amen!
21:18:56 Paco -> particularly here in korea?
21:19:00 Alex -> Exactly
21:19:30 Paco -> and what does nationality have to do with it.
21:19:37 angela -> exactly
21:19:46 Alex -> Who knows
21:19:57 Alex -> I think we've gotten on a tangent here
21:20:13 Paco -> just because this blogger fella is not into abortion doesnt mean abortion is unpopular amongst all koreans?
21:20:53 Paco -> i mean the coice to have abortion
21:03 Paco -> i wouldnt imagine people abort for fun or anyhing
21:03 angela -> abortion is actually popular in Korea.... it maintains the "appearance" of that innocent cute woman trying to be a 15 y. o
21:28 Alex -> Let's not get too flip about it eh?
21:41 Paco -> sorry
21:45 Paco -> :-s
21:50 Alex -> so'k
21:24:07 angela -> disscuss the issue without giving personal info
21:24:30 Paco -> come on val it is very diffivult to educate without editorialising a bit
21:25:53 Paco -> a disclaimer is important but offering your opinion should be ok
21:26:09 Paco -> if not the mark of a good teacher
21:26:25 angela -> it depends on the issue
21:26:37 Paco -> whats the difference between korean kids and international kids
21:26:40 Paco -> kady is here
21:26:45 Paco -> she says hi
21:26:48 angela -> woooo!!! Katy!!!!!
21:26:58 angela -> :(
21:27:08 Paco -> as in my lady kady
21:27:20 Paco -> shes making me get in touch with my feminine side
21:27:22 Paco -> :-p
21:27:41 angela -> that's not a certified teacher, tho
21:29:33 Paco -> it would be a tad naive to assume that if you invite a foreigner to teach your kids then you are not going to give a foreign opinion
21:30:03 Paco -> bye alex
21:30:39 angela -> true, paco, but we are not specifically asked to do that, especially in regard to sensitive topics
21:32:40 Paco -> i think a good teacher is one that sparks children to discuss the idea openly
21:32:55 val -> yes, but you can spark without giving your opinion
21:33:26 Paco -> and teaching the language at the higher level involves discussion of complex topics
21:33:44 angela -> yes, but you can still do it without giving a personal opinion
21:34:43 Paco -> but even when you try and teach impartially, your opinion is will always affect the way you approach discussing the subject
21:34:44 Paco -> surely?
21:35:14 angela -> maybe a little, but as a mature adult teacher, you should be able to talk about a topic witholding bias
21:36:29 Paco -> me too, im confused
21:38:21 Paco -> surely most people dont have such definite opinions though?
21:38:34 angela -> high school students don't
21:38:40 Paco -> im 29 and still havent an absolute rational conclusion to a lot of these ideas
21:38:53 angela -> haha
21:39:11 angela -> some people do, about some topics. obviously the author of the article does
21:41:24 Paco -> children are pretty perceptive people
21:42:22 val -> they are
21:42:42 val -> but the don't necessarily percieve things clearly
21:42:42 Paco -> i for one was quite put off by the foaming in the mouth fervour my teachers at school rammed catholic dogma down my throat
21:42:57 val -> that's because you're a heathen
21:43:19 Paco -> ha....burn
21:43:21 val -> frankly I'm surprsed there aren't scars on your finger tips from the holy water basin
21:44:02 Paco -> meany
21:44:04 Paco -> :-p
21:45:05 Paco -> or the hillbillies from deliverance
21:45:19 Paco -> anytime
21:45:21 val -> :P
21:46:22 angela -> paco: re catholic teachers - that's a good example of people with opinions in a teaching position
21:46:28 Paco -> korean parents, in my experience, want me to teach the children so they can be exposed to foreigners
21:46:59 angela -> yes, but I'm sure you're not supposed to do sex ed with them
21:47:24 Paco -> theres sex ed and then theres sex ed
21:47:43 Paco -> telling kids to be accepting is always a good thing
21:47:51 angela -> yes
21:47:55 Paco -> great discussion folks
21:48:07 Paco -> my ovaries are humming
21:48:10 Paco -> :-p
21:48:16 Paco -> bye angela
21:48:29 angela -> bye~! say hi to people at starface for me
21:48:35 Paco -> will do!
21:48:38 Paco -> ;-)
21:48:42 angela -> xoxox
21:49:19 val -> lol
21:49:27 val -> night!

Re: Women in Korea #2 Post-show

The way she was speaking, it was very hard to listen to. Not giving others a chance to speak and half way through it seemed she didn't even know what the topic was