Withdrawing money in Korea with a foreign card

Hey there, I was wondering if there was any way to withdraw money from an ATM in Korea with an overseas checking or savings card? I know there are a couple of "Global ATM's" where you can withdraw money with a foreign credit card, but what about a normal bank card?

I have a canadian checking account bank card, and at the back there is the sign "PLUS", and at the global ATM's I've been so far they are supposed to accept cards with that sign, but nothing is working. My credit card expired so I'm out of luck I guess.

A Nice Deli

Scott McMaster & Paul Ostrowski, two expats trying to make the most out of lunch, watching our comrades struggle to find quality deli meats and other comfortfoods at a reasonable price. Finally a break through, we provide you with the opportunity to take your sandwich and your kitchen to the next level!

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Well I had to get it off my chest, Korean mosquitoes are crazy!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!

Whether you live in the 20th floor of an apartment building, in a house or in a hotel, they are everywhere! They follow you up in the elevators and in your house if you are not careful, I heard there was once a korean TV series that said they can even make their way through the mosquitoe nets on the windows!

They wait in your room hidden behind an object, and once you turn your lights off they come and eat you alive! And these bastards are fast! If you try to catch them they hide somewhere!

Calling overseas, help please!

Alright I bought this international calling card in a convenience store and well unbelievably these cards cannot be used from a public phone (???).

Anyway I talked with my sharemate and he said the cards he bought can also only be used from landlines phones or cellphones. I do have a cellphone but it's prepaid and too expensive to call from. And I don't have a land phone!!

Small business license for Westerners?

Hi All,

Does anybody here know any English-speaking Korean lawyer who can assist me with advice on a few business start-up questions?  The info I’m initially looking for is regarding Westerners wanting to set up a small business in Seoul (e.g. retailing, professional services, trade- independent locksmith, plumber, etc.).


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