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To make sure you can format private messages on Koreabridge...

First go to 'My Account/Edit' and check the boxes next to 'Filtered HTML' and 'Full HTML'

This should automatically enable the 'wysiwyg' bar at the top of your post.

If you don't see that, click 'enable 'rich text' at the bottom of the Message box. 

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코리아브릿지에 가입하신 모든 사용자들은 상단메뉴에 있는 "create"탭을 누르면 하단의 목록에 글을 등록하실 수 있습니다.

Job Offered Ads - 이곳은 취업을 제공하는 곳으로 구직관련 광고는 금지합니다


Other Classifieds-  
 알림, 물품판매,집,언어교환, 물품구매 그리고 구직관련 광고글등을 올리실 수 있는 곳입니다. 개인적인 광고, 행사캘린더에 게재 되어야할 행사등을 올리는 것은 허용 되지 않습니다.
Most other types of ads including including Announcements,  For Sale ItemsHousingLearning Exchanges,  Want to Buy Items, &  Jobs Wanted.  Please note that we do not accept personal ads and that events should be posted in the event calendar. 

Forum Discussions - 전반적으로  한국에서의 생활, 공부 혹은 일에 관련된 전반적인 질문을 포함합니다. Koreabridge stuff포럼에는 코리아브릿지에 대한 질문을 게재 하 실 수 있습니다.

Event Calendar - 만남, 파티관련 행사, 컨퍼런스등에 관한 정보를 공유합니다

Business/Organization Lisitngs - 업종에 상관없이 사업 혹은 단체들은 무료로 목록등대재를 하실 수 있습니다.


Weblinks -   한국에 관련된 웹사이트에 관한 정보를 공유합니다.

BlogsPhotosAudio , & Video - 개인이 소유하고 있는 창작물을 공유하고 싶으시다면 당신은 코리아브릿지 발행자가 되실 수 있습니다.
If you would like to republish your creative works, you can 'become a Koreabridge  publisher'. 



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To post a job wanted ad and/or post your resume on Koreabridge, click
Create/Classified Ad/All Other Ads

Select the appropriate location and 'Job Wanted' Classified Ad Type

If copying resume contents from MS Word, use the 'paste from Word' icon. (Word formatting does not transfer to html well - that's why this special icon is needed)

To optimize format, select 'full html'.  You will not see this if you are a newly registered user.  A moderator will first need to confirm that you are not a spam bot and provide you with appropriate posting options.

Once you have been granted 'trusted user' permissions, you will also be able to attach files including resume documents. To do so, expand 'File Attachments' at the bottom of the page.  Maximum file size if 5MB.  If you do attach a file, we suggest copying/pasting as much of the file contents as well (as described above). This will make it easier for search engines and those searching on the site to find your listing. 

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Blog Badge
for those who republish their blogs on Koreabridge
Info about being a Koreabridge Publisher here
Koreabridge Blogger
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<img  style="border: 0px solid ; width: 220px; height: 90px;"  alt="Koreabridge Blogger" 

Options for adding Koreabridge Content on your site
Event Listings

<script type="text/javascript">
widgetContext = { "widgetid":
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<script src=""></script>
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RSS Feeds
(most blog services allow you to add a side widget using RSS feeds)
In Blogger Dashboard, click Design/Add a Gadet/Feed
In, Appearance/Widgets/RSS
Job Ads

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

As part of our policies for publishers, we ask that bloggers set their RSS feeds so that their entire posts are republished on Koreabridge. 

The main reasons for this are: 

- Visitors prefer to be able to see then entire post rather than having to click again to finish the item.  We do include a link to the original post and blogger's feed on each post. 

- We want the entire content of each post to be included in our searchable database.  By republishing blog posts in their entirety, people are able to search though the site for 'busan, restaurants' or for just blog posts about 'busan restaurants' and access that content.  If we just posted titles and external links, we couldn't do that.  There's actually a lot more that can be done in terms of post taxonomy and site structure to help visitors find blog content of interest, but we're still sorting out some of the technical details. 

We do realize that bloggers want to drive traffic to their sites and we want to help as much as possible.  Most bloggers report that republishing on Koreabridge generally increases their traffic.  In addition to the links to original posts and blogger feed on each post, we encourage bloggers to make use of the signature field that appears on each post.   To do so, click My Account/Edit and enter html code in the signature field.  Signatures can be used to create links to a particular piece of recent content, as well as provide a way for content producers to generate some revenue (via their own google ads or sponsors). 

We are very open to other ways to help content producers get their creative works 'out there' and increase their site traffic. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.  

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If you would like to delete you Koreabridge account, please contact us with that the request.  If you want to delete it resulted in receiving  any kind of unwanted or inappropriate contact, please let us know the details  so we can take action.

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For most types of content on Koreabridge (except job ads and forum posts), users can approve or delete comments on their own posts. 


Comments from 'unmoderated users' will appear without any moderation, but the post author can remove them by clicking 'delete'.

Comments from new or moderated users will need to be approved before appearing to other site visitors.

If you want to make sure that you are notified by email when someone comments on one of your posts, click 'subscribe/subscribe to this page' at the bottom of your post.

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How can I publish a set of photos on Koreabridge?

To post a set of photos published on a photo sharing site like Flickr or Picasa , first request publisher permissions.
Once you've been made a 'publisher', click 'create photoset'.

You will need to enter a
  • Title for the slideshow
  • Slideshow code that is 210 pixels high for 'Photoset Front Page Code'
  • Slideshow code that is a maximum of 600 pixels wide for 'Photoset Fullsize Code'
  • the link to the Photoset

You can publish photos from any photo sharing site.  Below is some specific information about how to do so from Flickr & Picasa.

In Flickr, view your slideshow, then click 'Share' and 'Customize this HTML'

In Picasa, click 'Link to the album', 'Embed Slideshow'

For Front page code, you can choose 'Medium' for front page code, and 'Extra Large' for full size code

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

If you would like to receive email notifications when certain posts or types of content are published, you can do so by 'subscribing' to it.

Below every type of 'subscribable' content, you can see a subscribe section.  To subscribe just to that post, click 'subscribe to this page'. To subscribe to all posts of that kind of content, click 'To <content type> content'.  Then click 'save'.

You can control all of your subscription settings, by clicking 'My Account/Subscriptions'.  There are a number of settings there including auto-subscribing to your own content, how often to receive notifications, and whether to receive them in batches or individually.

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Sending an email to the person who posted a classified ad or job ad...


To respond to a classified or other post, log in and click 'contact prson by email' as shown below.



Email Contact Form



Please note: If you click the contact option in the top menu, you will send an email to the Koreabridge Management Team, not the person who posted the ad.


You can also send a user a Private Message by clicking on the username and clicking 'Send PM' on their profile page. 

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어디에 글을 올리나요?

In order to post on Koreabridge, visitors need to register here. Once  registered, users can post in the following sections by clicking the 'Create' tab in the top menu. More information about our posting policies is here.  There is no charge for posts except Job Offered Ads and Premium (Business) ads.  More information below. 

Job Offered Ads - for those offering job position. In order to post job ads, job ad credits must be purchased.  Information here

Other Classifieds-  For individual who want to post other types of ads including including Announcements,  For Sale Items, HousingLearning Exchanges,  Want to Buy Items, &  Jobs Wanted.  Please note that we do not accept personal ads .
Businesses can post in the classified section, but must purchase 'premium' job ad credits in order to do so. Information here

Forum Discussions - Primarily for questions about living, learning, and/or working in Korea.  You can also post questions about this website in the Koreabridge Stuff forum.  

Event Calendar - post information about meetings, nightlife events, conferences, etc. 

Business/Organization Lisitngs - basic listing is free for any business or organization related to Korea. 

Weblinks -   post information about websites that are related to Korea in someway

BlogsPhotosAudio , & Video - If you would like to republish your creative works, you can 'become a Koreabridge  publisher'. 

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

To place a classified ad, register,  log in, and click 'create/classified ad'. 

 The first time you place an ad, it will probably not appear until a moderator approves it.  Once you've posted a non-spam ad, you will be considered a 'trusted user' and future ads will not be moderated. 

Please take a look at our posting policies before first placing an ad. Do not post ads for your business in the Classifieds. If you own a business (including recruiting companies, restaurants, bars, travel agencies, and medical services), you are welcome to add your business to the  Business Listings for free.    Ads not related to Korea and those for 'home based businesses',  'online electronics', and other common 'spam' ads will not be accepted.

You can comment on any classified ad, but if your post is more of an opinion or a question, please post it in the Discussion Forum

All classified ads are free except 'Job Offered Ads'.

  Place a Job Offered Ad
    For offering jobs of any type. (Job Wanted ads are placed elsewhere)  These ads are free until the end of August 2009.  After that, we will likely begin charging for these.  

  Place all Other Classified Ads
   All other kinds of Classified Ads including AnnouncementsFor Sale Items , Housing, Learning Exchanges,  Looking For Items,  Jobs WantedPersonals  .  There is no charge for placing these ads.  Ads will expire after 31 days.  Users can edit or delete their ads whenever they wish.  We ask that users not post the same ad more than once a month. 

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

To have your blog added to Koreabridge, register here and then contact the Koreabridge Management team. Let us know the URL and Title of your blog and a 1-2 sentence description.  As long as your blog is in related to Korea and doesn't violate our posting polices, it will be added within a day or two.  You will be notified once it's active.  

Addtional Information

  • Unlike the old Pusanweb system,  on a 'node' is now created for each blog post. This should result in better formatting, easier searching, and enable Koreabridge visitors to comment on posts.
  • Appropriately tagging blog posts on your own site will help feature content specifically related to Korea or a particular Korean city.  Bloggers should tag any post they want to appear on with 'korea'. Additioanlly, they can use tags like 'busan', 'seoul', 'daegu',  etc. on their original posts to determine where their posts appear on's regional pageste (e.g. , , ). Other tags will also be transferred so visitors will be able to see all Koreabridge blog posts tagged with 'food', 'sports', 'language',etc.
  • Bloggers can choose whether to have their entire posts or only  shortened teasers reblished on  This is usually done by changing the RSS settings on your blog.
  • If bloggers make changes to their original posts, the republished posts on Koreabridge will also be updated during the next cron run (which happens hourly).  

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

In order to publish your media on Koreabridge, register here and then contact the Koreabridge Management team.  Let us know the types of media you'd like to publish and links to any materials you already have published.  As long as your media  is in related to Korea and doesn't violate our posting polices, you will be given 'puiblisher permissions' which will enable you to create photo, audio, and video nodes. You will be notified once your permissions are active.  

Additional Information

Each publisher can add a signature to their account that will appear on all of their posts. The signature can be your own google ads or other kind promotional blurb. The signature should also include licensing information for the content. To edit your signature, click 'My Account/edit'. 

Material should be original content and not violate any copyright laws. Publishers maintain all rights to their creative works.  We prefer that content be published with some kind of Creative Commons license, but there is no licensing requirement.  Publsihers can remove their content from at any time, but should be aware that third party sites like may maintain copies and that we have no ability to have those copies removed. 

Below is more detailed information about different kinds of  media content. 


  Publishers can post up to 5 photos/day by clicking 'Create/Photo' .  Each photo can be up to 3MB.


Publishers can post videos that are already published on  YouTube, Blip.tvDailymotionGoogleMySpaceRevverVeoh, or Vimeo  by clicking 'create/video'. 

Audio Podcasts

  Publishers can upload mp3 files by clicking 'create/audio'.  Maximum filesize is 30MB and the bitrate should be no more than 64kbs for spoken work or 128kbs for music.  We don't currently support externally hosted audio, but will likely do so in the near future. 

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Living and Working in Korea (1)

We encourage everyone to do their research before accepting employment offers. These resources below should help. 

Job  Guides

Employer Review Sites
Reliable Teacher
Tokyo Jon
FB Hagwon Blacklist

Discussion Topics
Job Seeking Advice
Teaching Salaries


 The  information below was put together in 2005 and as such is bit out of date.  We will be updating/recreating a job guide soon.  In the meatime, you can find current information in the guides and resources listed above.

This is advice for E2 and E1 Visa holders. Most of the rules/advise listed here does not apply to F1-2, F4, F5, E5, E7 or other visa holders. For further information about your visa limitations, always inquire at your local Immigration Office before starting a new job.

1.  It is illegal to work without a proper visa.
You must have the visa sticker in your passport before you can start work- without exception. If your employer asks you to work before you have your visa sticker, refuse. Insist on getting your visa before you teach your first class or you are working illegally.

2.  Your visa is associated with ONE location. 
If your employer asks you to work at more than one physical school, you need to get Immigration permission and apply for a secondary workplace permit. EPIK and GEPIK are exceptions. EPIK employees can legally work in multiple locations without Immigration permission.

3.  Working "Privates" or "Part-Time Jobs" without Immigration permission is illegal. 
Working in a second registered business place is possible (a secondary workplace) if you have permission from Immigration. However, working "privates", or tutoring at a non-business, is illegal.

4.  You need Immigration permission to work at a camp  outside of your primary workplace. It will either be registered as a secondary workplace (if you currently hold an E1-2) or you may be eligible for a Temporary Employment visa. Inquire at your local immigration office before teaching at a camp to ensure your legality.

Knowing your rights and finding a good school

Koreabridge does not offer blacklist or greylist services. There are a number of sites that keep lists of employers and recruiters who are less than desirable. If you host a site or hear of a site not listed below please let us know at 'manager at' and we will add it to our list.

A coupe of the most valuable sites for teachers looking to understand their rights are  atek.or.krand   Both sites can help you consider a number of things you should look for before signing a contract. 

Other sites that can be useful for job seekers:

  Facebook Hagwon Blacklist-  Updated and active list of hagwons to avoid along with  useful resources and legal advice

Reliable Teacher Hagwon Review- compiling a helpful collection of hagwon reviews. 

 The Hagwon Checklist
A free site that gives teachers a chance to review a school as well as find multiple perspectives from a variety of teachers about a school. Teachers submitting their schools rate them as "great, good, poor or unacceptable".

English School Watch
This site provides a forum on which one can "blacklist" a school as well as some helpful information about working overseas.

ESL Teachers Board
Most schools on their "School Review" board are Chinese, but there are a few Korean schools on the list.

Leon's Greylist
This page is for those looking to become expatriate English teachers in Korea, and/or for those expats already in-country experiencing labor-related problems. It primarily functions as a watch list of institutions to watch out for. Secondarily, this page contains copious amounts of advice on how to deal with many possible problems in the Republic of Korea.

Information Sites about Teaching Conditions in Korea

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