Full or Part-time Teaching in Yangsan(20 min bus ride from PNU)


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EiE Yangsan urgently need a native or gyopo English teacher.

Although we are in Yangsan, it takes about 20 minutes bus drive from Dongrae, Busan by the #1200,1100 bus.  If you are living or working in Yangsan, that's perfect.

The full-time teacher would be our 1st priority, but if you don't want to stay until night everyday.. we will try to accomodate

[1] working hours  Full time 1:30~9:00  

(Our last class ends at 8:40 and we are prompt to leave unless you have things left)   

Need some time? then: 1:30~ 8:40 on T/F   

                               1:30~ 8:00 M

                               1:20~ 5:50 W/Th

( elementary classes are from 2:30~5:50 , middle classes are afterwards)       

[2] Pay: from 2.3 million won(plus housing or housing allowance 300,000) for the full time/ Part-tim negotiable

[3] Students: Elementary and Middle school kids maximum of 8 in a class

[4] Location: Yangsan ( #1200, #1100 bus from Busan, 1 min walk from the bus stop, 1.4 km walk from  subway line#2  Namyangsan station)

10, Geumo 13-gil, Dong-myeon, Yangsan-si / 양산시 동면 금오13길 10


If you are interested in the position above, please send your resume to 

[email protected]

or contact me: 010- 9 1 7 4 - 9/2/2/3

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