Roommates for very large 5 bedroom apartment in Jangsan, Haeundae.

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Jangsan, Haeundae, Busan

Seeking 2 roommates for very large 5 bedroom apartment in Jangsan, Haeundae.

Prefer females.

Three rooms are available, so you can choose the one you want. Two of the rooms are pretty large with built in storage/closet space. One is medium. The whole apartment is spacious and there is tons of parking. Rooms can be furnished or unfurnished.

5 minute walk to Haeundae Baek Hospital. Less than 10 minutes to Jangsan subway station and all the shops. Close to Cheongsa-po, Sungjung and Haeundae beaches.

300k a month, no deposit, plus utilities.

Utilities are about a 100k in summer and closer to 150k in winter. Internet, water, power, gas are all included. No need to worry about that stuff.

Rent is paid a month in advance.

Please DM.



Hello my name is Senna I currently live in Haundae while doing volunteering work in a Hostel and I also work in Yeongdo. I have to share my room with 8 people and have to rush a lot in order to make it to my actual paying job. It has been very stressful and I am someone that really needs her own space.  It is like I never get to catch a break. I would easily be able to pay the 300k won a month. Please consider me kindly!


Kindest regards,

Senna Chenan

Roommate in Haeundae

Hello Senna. I sent you a Koreabridge/ Pusanweb message. 


I hope you still have rooms available. I'm an English teacher and would like to view the rooms please. I think I sent you an email. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 



Hi Koki, I did not receive any email from you, but the room is still available. Please send me a phone message at o1o-3865-29oo.


I have a female friend looking for a room. Do you have one available?