Women's Self Defense Seminar by Author Danny Kessler


Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 11:00


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Staying Safe in South Korea:

The potential for danger extends even to the “Land of the Morning Calm.” Many instances of harassment, violence and rape go unreported, enabling the assumption of crime free streets and allowing our guard to drop. 

This seminar on October 1st addresses self defense, awareness, body language, intuition, reading people, boundary setting and discusses how these techniques can be employed to maximize personal safety in South Korea. Women have better intuition and communication skills than they realize. Seminar presenter Danny Kessler has recently compiled all his research and information on this topic into his book, Angels with Attitude: The Socially Intelligent Woman's Guide to Personal Safety. Techniques presented have been pulled from this book and will teach women how to turn natural talents into practical and empowering strategies for their own safety and the safety of loved ones. In this book you will learn:

  1. •How to trust your powerful female intuition.

  2. •How to read and analyze people on sight.

  3. •How to detect danger before anything happens.

  4. •How to use your body language to set visual boundaries with people you would rather not talk to.

  5. •Powerful verbal self defense that makes men freeze in their tracks.

  6. •What do you do if someone starts behaving like a stalker.

  7. •How to set boundaries with male friends and coworkers.

  8. •How to fight when your life is in danger.

Danny Kessler is self-defense expert and founder of Angels with Attitude, a company dedicated to promoting women's personal safety.  His company has been featured in: The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journaland FOXNEWS.com. Kessler is the author of Angels with Attitude: The Socially Intelligent Woman's Guide to Personal Safety. Danny currently resides in South Korea, working as an English Professor at Youngsan University. Works in progress include the Korean version of Angels with Attitude and a book on travel safety. He is also an active member of Korean Kartel.