Seoul City Improve @ MoonNight


Sunday, November 18, 2012 - 20:00


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Who: SCI, KSCI, ImprovBoston, and You!
What: Seoul's biggest, greatest, most awesomest improv show of the year!
Where: MoonNight in Itaewon
When: Sunday, November 18th at 8pm!
Make sure to RESERVE YOUR TICKETS by e-mailing [email protected]!!!!

Celebrating 5 years of hilarious improv in Seoul, Seoul City Improv (SCI), will be having its 5th year anniversary show on Sunday, November 18th at 8pm at MoonNight in Itaewon. For the second year in a row, the group will host special guests- ImprovBoston. The show is virtually guaranteed to be a night of laughter, filled with brilliant comedy based wholly upon audience suggestions.

Founded in 2007 by Margaret Whittum, SCI has grown to include a Korean speaking group, “KSCI”, and has seen around 200 talented individuals under its banner. In its five year history, SCI has performed in multiple countries, including Korea, the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. “Korea is full of extraordinary performers, and I was fortunate to found SCI with a great group of actors,” said former member and SCI founder, Whittum. “Through the years the performers have built remarkable friendships, traveled to many festivals, and made lots and lots of people laugh!! I am particularly proud of the KSCI troupe." In addition to providing entertainment in Seoul, the troupe is also well known for frequently donating a large portion of its show proceeds to charity.

Seoul City Improv is not alone in marking anniversaries this year. ImprovBoston is now currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary and will be having its 6th Annual trip to Asia. Performing in shows and teaching workshops throughout the continent, this year’s group will be led by ImprovBoston Artistic Director Emeritus, Will Luera and will also feature performers Mel Hardy, Kaci Beeler, Cole Orloff and Padraic Coakley. "ImprovBoston had such a great time performing with SCI last year that we made it a priority for us to come back,” said Luera. “The Korean and ex-pat community were such a great audience! We look forward to another night of laughs and to ImprovBoston's return to Seoul." ImprovBoston has consistently won best Comedy Club awards from many Boston media outlets. This past year ImprovBoston received national recognition from The Improvisation News and were recently nominated for best long-form ensemble and best comedy school in the USA.

The Seoul City Improv 5th Year Anniversary Show with special guests ImprovBoston will be held Sunday, November 18th, 8pm at MoonNight in Itaewon. Tickets are 15,000 won. In addition, there will be an open practice with ImprovBoston on Monday, November 19th, 7-10pm at Bar Carmen. To reserve tickets for the show and for further information, please contact Seoul City Improv at [email protected].