March Busan Foreigner Market


Saturday, March 21, 2015 - 13:00


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The March market is going to be jam packed with stalls with yet more additions and some returnees from the 1st and second markets.

**there are rumors of girl scout cookies**
We have
1. American goods
2. Ogradylady, baked goods 
3. ChaeMi Naturals 
4. Kai Surf 
5. Mama's Binoo (soaps, lotions etc)
6. Kombucha
7. Hummus Guys 
8. Busan Yogurt 
9. Almond and Cashew Butters
10. Homemade lasagna and dips
11. candles
12. LaViDa (crochet goods)
13. art/wood art
14. Small ink and color paintings
15. persia confection and bread
16. Lynn Brown baked goods
17. jewelry & interiors
18. curries
19. BAPS 
20 tiles
21 baked goods
22. British goods
23 misun kim comics and art
24. Face painting and candy floss (cotton candy for the non English speakers) 
25. baby and childrens things and birthing services (not at actually at the market :)) 
26. Ryan Estrada comics
27. Piewang pies
28. pet portraits
29. Children's games


I want your money!!! (for charity that is)

I organise the market with no personal gain (bar the odd chocolate bar I steal) and trust me it is A LOT OF HARD WORK!!! In order for me to continue doing this (and a lot of people have commented that they really want the market to continue) it needs to raise lots of money for charity.

At the next market there will be change buckets everywhere, if every person throws in 500 won then that will pay for a child to go to school for a year through Educate AChild and rice for their family during low crop season. We have some great raffle prizes lined up so BUY A RAFFLE TICKET!!! The Busan Women's shelter really needs support for women fleeing violent abusive relationships. BUY from the charity stalls Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary will be selling girl scout cookies among other things, the hummus guys, a jewelry stall, the pet painting stand are all donating proceeds to BAPS and other charities. We have clothes and accessories where all funds are going to charity. There will be some game stalls, come and test your skills and give to a great cause at the same time.

I want your stuff!!!
Children's toys, children's books, clothes (male, female, children's), accessories, anything worthy of being a tombola or raffle prize, have a look in the back of your cupboard it will all be really appreciated. All the money will go to charity, If you think something may be useful please contact me.

I want your help!!!
I can't be in multiple places at once, I need help with set up, clear up and supervising stalls during the day. You don't need to volunteer for the whole day, just an hour here or there would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance