Making Kim Chi for the Hee Rak Won Orphanage


Sunday, December 19, 2010 - 09:30


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Hee Rak Won has invited us to return for more fun! This time we're gonna roll up our sleeves and learn to make kim chi! What could be more fun than making kim chi AND knowing that your hard work will be fueling these amazing children for the next year?!
We will work alongside experienced adjumas 'elder women' and adushis 'elder men' volunteers to make 300 heads of kim chi!!!! WOW!!! I think we'll have the recipe down pat by the ...end of the day. ha! With your help it should take us about three hours.

We'll meet at Beomosa Station exit one at 9:30 and take a bus to the orphanage. 
10am roll up our sleeves and dig in (I'm guessing it could get messy, so don't wear your favorite clothes)
by 1pm we'll have learned the art of Kim Chi and send it off to ferment in the traditional pots. 
Afterward, perhaps we can grab a bite to eat or head home.

As a group we'll leave the subway station to find Bus number 12 and take it to Hee Rak Won (that's actually the stop name).

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The facility is near Bomosa Temple:1589-23, Beom Cheon-Dong, Jin-Gu, Busan, Korea
Busan, South Korea, 614-024

By bus: Just take bus 12 which stops just across the road. The bus stop is called "Hee Rak Won" but if you say it to the driver he'll know where to let you out.There are directions posted on our profile page if you think you'll be running late print those out. 
if you have trouble with the address, or to get info in Korean call the social worker, 010 9137 2241 for other info or if you're running late (English only) call Jessica 010.2245.0812