Let's make Hanbok with Sewing Master in Dondaemun!


Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 13:00


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Dear all.

I've just found really amazing 'Hanbok Making Class' in Seoul!

You can make the Hanbok(Korean Traditional Clothes) with 40years experience seamstress
as a sewing master in Dongdaemun. In this class you're going to make the Hanbok Skirt! 
It's not that much difficult process. All of steps are considered for beginner.

Try it!


1. Date

- 2018.10.24 1pm ~ 4pm (3hr)
- 2018.10.31 1pm ~ 4pm (3hr)

2. Program
- Practicing sewing machine
- Making the Hanbok (skirt)

3. Offers
- Coffee & Snack

4. Language
- English (there is Guide book for class) , Korean

5. Fee : 60,000 won(It’s very cheaper than others!)


6. How to register : Visit website below