Get JUICED! Juicing Workshop


Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 14:00


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Juicing seems to be getting a lot of play lately-but what's it all about? 
Empowered Way blogger and nutritionist-in-training, Meg Rushbrook, will be giving us an introduction to the wonderful world of juicing! You will learn: 
-What juicing is and how it differs from making a smoothie
- What juicing is recommended for
- Juicing and weightloss
- Resetting and rebooting your system
- Contraindications and potential hazards
- How to "juice" without buying a juicer that is only a $5 or less investment here in Korea
- How to put together your own juice! 

Meg will give a juicing demo and share some really cool recipes that will leave people floored at the nutrient value AND taste! Participants will sample different juices and all participants get a free recipe booklet to take home!

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