Bands and Finger Jousting Tourney @ Kut Daejeon


Saturday, December 10, 2011 - 21:30


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Bands and Finger Jousting Tourney this Saturday at Kut in Gungdong! 밴드 와 선가락 주호 이번 토요일!!!

5 bands to perform plus likely cameos from local stalwarts. 
5 밴드 와 툭별한 사람 왈것이예요. 

"Ether" is a new Seoul electronica duo!!!!! 

Ether: loose, vibrant, chaotic, experimental drum and bass with live overdubbing, loop echoes, swimming in cool synth melodies. Hailing from Seoul, Ether challenges conventions, transforming soundscapes to alter one's perception of what a musical experience can be. Rory is heavily influenced by ABBA.

이터 밴드 이상한 차유인 우막 할것이예요.

"Yello Loko" is a punkish quartet from Busan!!!!!!

I'm 양또(vocal, guitar)
저는 2007년도부터 부산인디에서 활동했구요.
밴드 옐로로코는 이제 시작한지 한달된 밴드입니다.
각자 다른 밴드에서 활동을 하다가 마음 맞는 사람들끼리 의기투합해서
새로 시작한 부산 펑크밴드입니다.

"Spanish Lounge" is a Cheonan 3 piece with a new drummer. Check their event also on facebookage here:

Kachi Jib Gayo is a fairly new Daejeon 2 piece recently turned 3 piece. 
"같이 집 가요" 새로은 대전 외국인 밴드 입니다. 3 사람 있어요.

G.T. Arpe to play new Zombie trilogy in all likelihood. 
지. 티. 알프 샐오운 점비 노래 할것이예요.


Finger Jousting to be held between the bands!!! 

An informative Q and A and practice session will be held at the Brickhouse Open Mic on Wednesday for newbies.

무료 입장, 3 와 1 개 맥주 있어요!! 3 plus one drafts all night. No cover!!!