AWE 11/11 Networking Wine Party @ Buddy 6 Daejeon


Friday, November 11, 2011 - 21:00


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*한글 정보는 밑으로 스크롤 하세요 =)

AWE is a business and social networking wine party; come get to know some of the most creative, ambitious and open-minded people in Daejeon.

This party will feature a special AFTER WORK TALK on the 11:11 phenomena by party hosts Sungwon Choe and Gerelmaa Batchuluun. This talk will begin at 11:00 and will end promptly at 11:11. 

We will also have the usual wine, hors d'ouevres, and music!

The party is LIMITED TO 50 GUESTS. RSVP at to reserve your spot.

W25,000 in advance*
W35,000 at the door*

*Guests who register in advance will receive 10% off at EAT ME Italian Restaurant (2nd floor of Buddy 6)! Guests paying at the door will receive 5% off at EAT ME. This offer is valid from the day after the November party until the December party and only for meals. 

Just give your name to the EATME manager and say you attended the October AWE to receive your discount at EATME Italian Restaurant.

10% of profits will be donated to

Thanks to Cafe 쉼 (Shim) and EAT ME Italian Restaurant for helping to sponsor this party!

AWE 파티는 비지니스와 소셜 네트워킹을 위한 와인 파티입니다. 오셔서 창의적이고 도전적인 삶을 가꿔나가는 멋진 사람들을 만나보세요.

AWE 파티는 참여 게스트를 50명으로 제한합니다. AfterWorkElilte.com에서 예매 하세요.

예매: W25,000

현매: W35,000

*인터넷으로 얘매하신 손님들은 EAT ME 이탈이안 레스토랑 (Buddy 6 빌딩 2층)에서 10% 할인받습니다. 카운터에서 현매하신 손님들은 5% 할인 받습니다. 할인은 10월달 파티 다음날부터 11월 파티 당일까지 이루워지며, 음식에만 허용됩니다.

EAT ME에서 할인 받으시려면, EAT ME 매니저에게 이름과 10월 AWE 참여 여부를 알려주시면 됩니다.

10%의 이윤을 Kiva.org에 기부합니다

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