Christmas / Classical Music Preformance?

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a place that has live Christmas music or classical music on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Anybody know where there might be some? I am ok to travel outside Busan to Daegu or Changwon. Anywhere? Concert or a nice local venue would be great.

If not, then do you know of anywhere that has classical music on January 4th? Same deal, just different day, and I am sure that  Christmas music will be over with.

Thanks much!

Re: Christmas / Classical Music Preformance?

Thanks for reminding me, been meaning to check myself.  The Busan Cultural Center always has stuff going on at this time of year. A couple of years ago we saw Handel's Messiah. Which was awesome! Anyhow this year they appear to have the Busan Philharmonic playing on December 22nd with the following program

 □  피츠너 / 「크리스마스 요정」 서곡 작품20 
      H.Pfitzner / Overture to “The Christmas Elf” op.20 

 □  베토벤 / 피아노 협주곡 제5번 내림마장조 「황제」 작품73                             …Pf.임효선

      L.v.Beethoven / Piano Concerto No.5 in E Major "Kaiser" op.73



                                                       Adagio un poco mosso

                                                       Rondo, Allegro


 □   비탈리 / 샤콘느 사단조 (레스피기 편곡)                                                                                   …Vn.이정림

     T.A.Vitali / Chaconne in G minor (Orchestrated by Respighi)


□  슈트라우스 Ⅱ / 「박쥐」 中 “너와 너” 왈츠 작품367

     J.Strauss Ⅱ / “Die Fledermaus”, ‘Du und du’ waltz op.367


 □  크록스태드 편곡 / 영화 속 크리스마스

     Arr. B.Krogstad / Christmas at the movies

                     Miracle On 34th Street - The Polar Express - Somewhere In My Memory -
                     Making Christmas - Where Are You Christmas?

 □  앤더슨 / 크리스마스 축제

      L.Anderson / Christmas Festival


Looks fun to me! Tickets can be bought on the website. You will need basic Korean to sign up.

Re: Christmas / Classical Music Preformance?

Oh, and on the 21st they are doing a whole bunch of Christmas songs and carols for the first half, followed by Beethoven's 9th symphony 4th movement (Ode to Joy) in the second half. Again sounds like fun. 

Re: Christmas / Classical Music Preformance?

I remember those little angel voices touched me so in winter nights.  Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois are performing Christmas Carols and related music, this year at the Gyeongsang Namdo Culture and Arts Center in Jinju on 12/17/2010 by 7PM.  Their link should be somewhere here and there with the direction if you have a ride from the last stop of the Express Bus Station to tell your driver to go to see their amazing voices.  Touchée!