Need advice on this contract

So I am in Busan now and I got an offer earlier this week.  After getting the contract I looked up some checklists on job forums and made sure the school was not on any blacklist.

Everything seems in order except the details about the accommodations are scarce.

Bed, dresser, air con, TV and gas stove.  

All I know about the location is that it is 10 minutes from the school.

I've already tried asking for the address, and no response yet.

Obviously I want to avoid being rude as the job market is pretty dry right now and I don't want to blow this.

Should I be more insistent about what's included and where its located before signing and sending in my documents?


Re: Need advice on this contract

yes!!! to many horror stories here. ask. if they dont answer you dont want to work there. as for the market being dry-really? there are always tons of jobs here. as for your apartment, sounds normal. but you need to ask the exact working hours, the number of classes, the number of vacation days on top of the national holidays, sick days, where the school is located (area) and where the apartment it and so on. do you get airfare, are they paying pension and medical are some other questions. i will tell you this it is better to ask now. so any people come here then complain for a year. not worth it for 2g a month. after the exchange and so on, the pay here now is crap so you had better be happy. if you have any questions feel free to email me. i have been here for 7 years, know busan very well and dont mind helping those who are thinking of coming here. but im not going to sugar coat anything for you. i will just be honest. good luck.