Wheelchair Rental?

Has anyone ever rented a wheelchair in Busan?  Having a hard time finding one. Any help would be great...

thanks :)

Re: Wheelchair Rental?

Where have you looked?

If you go to the neighborhood around any major hospital you'll find a number of medical supply shops. I've only ever bought medical supplies at stores like these, things like crutches and other hospital things, but I have seen wheelchairs in those stores.  Also, big hospitals themselves often have supply shops on the premises. If you find an orthopedic hospital you could try their shop as well perhaps.

That's two places to start looking if you haven't already checked out stores like that.

Re: Wheelchair Rental?

thanks, busanmum. i've tried all these kinds of places and more...but unfortunately the wheelchairs they rent are really small and narrow! too small to fit a western sized bum! found some in a bigger size for rent- in seoul. i'm going to try the area around baek hospital in haeundae tomorrow...

Re: Wheelchair Rental?

Hello, I am hoping to hire a manual wheelchair from Novermber 28 to October 3, 2012 in Incheon, South Korea. Could anyone suggest a hirer?