University Positions- the dream job

Please, Give us a break!

Adverts should say: Moron with no self worth required to manage classes of variable quality

Qualities: loser with limited social skills; peon with few teaching skills or team ethic.

Qualifications: Master in Toss all

Job specification- to understand that nobody wants you there, globalization isn't important and neither are you. Therefore, you are an underling and will soon become a pointless relic. Do the bare minimum and know your place within the organizational structure. Do not have any ideas!!

Art Museums, Clubbing and World Events- All in a week!

Art Museums, Clubbing and World Events- All in a week!!!

Tuesday 3rd May, 2011

I have been away from my blog for the last week as I've been running around trying to get things sorted out and packed before we head off to Spain tomorrow for a weeks worth of Tapas, Vino, Sol and the beautiful Spanish culture.

Last Tuesday, Tiger, Emma and I went to to Changwon Art Museum, to spend the afternoon checking out Modern Art. There was an exhibition by Korean Artist Kim Young Won and entry only cost us W3,000 (so cheap!!!)


Shoe Repair

Is there a quality shoe and leather repair shop in Busan that can replace leather soles with leather soles, not the plastic junk they use in the streetside huts? I have some good men's business shoes that I need taken care of.

Also, are there any stores that sell men's dress shoelaces? I've had a devil of a time finding those in Changwon.


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