Play Badminton

Interested in playing badminton?

There is a mountain court area with a functional club of mostly Korean members, but there is one Canadian, too. We are looking for more foreign members.

Games run from 2:30 to sundown on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are interested just leave a message here, and I will be in contact with you.


It might be best to start in March.

Ice Hockey

I am going to be base in Busan starting from next month.

I am wondering if there would be ice-hockey places around.

Also, how can I have the access? 

For further information, I have been playing since young age, more than 10 years/

Thank you for the attention! 

Canada Ball Hockey Korea - 2018 Spring Season



Baseball is open in Itaewon, Yongsan.

Screen Baseball(?) is opened in Itaewon. 

It was an awesome experience!!

I think I should bring this tech. back to States, it will make fortune!!!

You guys should play it, you will love it. 

Bellydance classes in Busan, where?

Does anyone know where I could take bellydance classes? I have been looking for one but it seems very difficult to find. If someone here can help me, I thank you in advance!

Canada Ball Hockey Korea - 2017 Fall Season



Martial Arts club on weekends

Welcome to MMA club in Busan!
If you want to workout or lose weight on weekend, then 
Club 'Gyeok' is highly recommended.
We run the Stand-up strike class(Muaythai/Boxing), Wrestling class,
Mixed(MMA, Kudo) class on sunday, and BJJ(Brazilian Jiujitsu) class on saturday.
We also put on every body protective equipment for safety.
Also novices and women are also welcomed.
Once in a while you can go to drink and eat meals with us!
*facebook : 팀격_Team Gyeok
*instagram : 팀격_Team Gyeok
Class: BJJ(Brazilian Jiujitsu, Judo)
Location: Munhyeon dong Samsung Taekwondo gym
Time: 16~18
Supplies: Uniform(Bjj or Judo or Durable Hapkido uniform), Cup, Mouthpiece(If you want)
Fee: 3000 Won
Class: Stand-up strike(Muaythai, Boxing), Westling, Mixed(MMA, Ku

We are finding a foreigner member for playig soccer on sunday morning.

Please send E-mail , or call me 010-2033-5684. Thanks.


Canada Ball Hockey Korea - 2017 Spring Season


Seoul:Looking for English speaking tennis or golf instruction/practice

Hello!  We just moved to Seoul from California, US, and would like to continue having our kids play golf and tennis.  Please help refer us to any English speaking youth leagues in Seoul or English speaking instructors in Seoul. We live close to Banpo Sports Complex and we can possibly get tennis courts or golf simulator areas to play/practice but we will need help with reserving in Korean.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks! Angela

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