Screen Golf

I'm looking for some people to play screen golf.  I've been playing once every few months alone, but I'd like to join with some people who play more regularly.  I usually shoot in the low to mid 90's so I'm not very good.  Pretty much anywhere in the Busan area is fine with me.

taekwondo and kalaripayattu

Have you ever wondered where the known martial arts come from?

Canada Ball Hockey Korea - 2016 Fall Season

Canada Ball Hockey Korea (CBHK) is once again recruiting a few good men and women for our 17th season of play, which will begin this September. Old and new players alike are welcome to start registering at now. The league is limited to the first 120 people to have registered and paid. If you register and complete your payment after the league fills up you will be put on a waiting list. Don't let this happen to you!
WHEN: The 2016 Fall League will open up with two (free) MANDATORY rookie camps on Sunday, August 28th  and Saturday, September 3rd. All rookies must attend one of these camps or attend a pick-up session (held every Sunday) between now and the draft. Failure to do so will prevent you from playing this season. Official league games and playoffs will begin on Sunday, September 4th and continue through to Saturday, December 10th.

HDROL in Busan?

If you're a naysayer and simply here to crap on this thread, please note that your comment will be ignored.


I am looking for PH's to run a cycle here in Busan. Hdrol, is prefered but open if others are only available. Please send me a PM.

Isolation Tank / Float Tank / Sensory Deprevation in Busan or Seoul?

Are there any Isolation Tank / Float Tank / Senory Deprevation businesses in Busan or Seoul?

Looking for a 24/7 Gym

I will be living in Haeundae-gu, Busan for eight weeks. I am unable to find a 24/7 access gym in the Haeundae-gu district. Could anyone make a recommendation? All that I require is a gym with a pull-up bar and floor space. Thank you.

Martial Arts Gym

I am looking for a martial arts gym in West Busan.  Basially anywhere from Seomyun to Hadan, that will offer pay by class, not just monthly membership fees.  I just have time to go twice a week, so this is more cost effective.

Any suggestions?


Tennis anyone?

Hi everyone, 

As an avid tennis fan, I am keenly interested in finding someone to hit with, preferably on a regular basis.  I have played off and on, sometimes competively but I'd rate my current playing skills to be around 3.5-4.0 per NTRP scale.  I just relocated to Busan about a week ago and am willing to hit indoors/outdoors.  I don't have a Korean number set up yet so if you are interested in casual hitting or match play, please shoot me an email at  I am fully bi-lingual in Korean and English if that has any bearing.  For the record, I live in Seomyun(sp?) but am willing to travel and my schedule is flexible for the time being. 



Basketball in Busan

Looking for basketball pickup games. I've been playing outdoors, and I'd love to join anyone who is playing. Message me on Kakao: jjs7891

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