Skiing Muju


I am trying to find out how to get to Muju resort to ski for the weekend. I have tried Kangsan Travel but they don't organize ski trips anymore. I do not have a car. Any advice on how to get there? I am looking for a bus that goes directly there or for people who could drive me there or who are also going and can fit two more people in their car. I am happy to cover the petrol and pay extra as this is the last weekend I am free to go and I do not know how to get there without changing multiple trains and buses. I have tried to ring multiple agencies which I have been given by the Muju resort. They supposed to have buses ging to Muju directly but there is nobody who speaks English there. :-( I am new to Busan and do not speak Korean.




Canada Ball Hockey Korea (CBHK) 2015 Spring Season



I'm looking to play basketball around the eastern side (gwanganli, haeundae, KSU). 

Anyone know any groups or popular courts where one could find a pick up game?


Live streaming event

If  you are up early  or going to bed late ,  has a live streaming event , They are showing the  army vs navy   USA college football game , Enjoy this classic game

Kudo or Kyokushin Karate clubs in Busan

Hi there,

I am looking for a Kudo or Kyokushin Karate club in Busan, preferebly not far from Dongseo University. It would be awesome to find a club with English as medium of communication.


Baseball Teammates Recruits Ad

Hello, everyone.


My name is Taeho Kim.(You can call me T).


I am a member of an Amateur Baseball Team called Star Astros.


Our team is currently in a 3rd Amateur League in Seoul and we are currently recruiting new teammates.

Even our team members are fulled with Koreans, we are very friendly and there is a person who can speak English to help you.

If you want to play baseball and meet new people, you should visit and spend some time playing baseball with us.

We do have a lot of offline(besides playing baseball) meetings as well. Soooooo don't be shy :)


If you are interested, please read below information and contacts me for any further questions.




[Star Astros Recruits Ad]


We are currently in and playing in 3rd Grade Amateur Baseball League.


Looking for a place for Learning Martial art or Kungfu near PNU

Do you guys know any place near Pusan National University, where i can learn Traditional martial art or kungfu? Thanks in advance.

Dance classes in Haeundae Area. Hip Hop

Does anyone know hip hop dance classes in Haeundae Area?

Spinning class


Has anyone tried the spinning classes at KSU university? From the places I have looked into so far it seems to be the cheapest per month. Any further information would be great. Or if you know of any other place that offers spinning classses for under 100,000 won a month I would love to hear!


Thank you in advance.

Would you like a FREE BBQ'd Burger & Root Beer at Songjeong Beach???


You are all invited to Songjeong Beach on October 4th 2014 12:30pm onwards for a FREE authentic flame grilled burger (cooked fresh on the beach) as well as a free DR Pepper or Root Beer as well as some other home cooked goodies. (While stocks last. We will have a lot of stock but please come early 12:30-1 to assure you get served. Any indication of people wanting to attend would be helpful thanks :-))

This is an international gathering open to all people of all countries/nationalities sponsored by Antioch International Ministry.  AIM is Busans biggest International/English speaking Christian Church based in Suyoung:

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