need assist on where to buy hiking shoes for wide feet

Hi, anyone have a suggestion on where I can buy hiking shoes for wide feet?

Skateparks in Busan?

I have heard rumors from my students and a friend that lives in Seoul about a skatepark in Busan that is located underneath a bridge (or under some kind of cover) near (rumors) Marine City, or possible Gwangan Bridge. Does anyone know about this park? I've tried to find it or get more information - but I can't ... I wonder if it's real.

Does anyone know about this skatepark?

Also - where are some great skate spots in Busan? 

I know about Samlock park - I haven't been there yet cause it's about an hour away from me. Also - I read online somewhere that the ground at samlock skatepark is rubberized ... Which is just about the worst thing for skating. I admit - that rumor has kept me away - can anyone tell me if that is true?


looking to play tennis I am a 4.0 player but comfortable playing down

make me an offer, need to get some exercise on this trip

Gym Partner 운동 같이하는 사람


I'm looking for a gym partner. I have yet to join a gym. I live in Gwang An li and work in Haeundae (Jangsan stop). So any gym around those areas would be good. I'm 29 and just came from Australia.

I'm looking to do weight training, basically just wanna get buff. 

I'd prefer to train with someone male, of any age and any level. I've been on and off to the gym for a few years now, so have some basic idea of what I'm doing, but welcome more advanced people too. The main requirement is that you are motivated and committed.

I work Monday/Wednesday/Friday 2-8pm, so I can train anytime outside of these hours.

If you can speak Korean, that would be great, as I want to practice my Korean. Otherwise it's no big deal. 

You can contact me via kakao ID - rjtkoh2

Weekend Coed Football/Soccer league players wanted

What do you usually do on weekends?

Traveling? Hanging out? or Clubbing?

Would you like to change your routine?

It's coed social soccer leagues on weekends

You can exercise and make new friends

After the season, we also host an End of season party at Shinchon

For more details -


Bikram Yoga

Does anybody know if there is a Bikram Yoga class/centre in the Changwon/Masan area?

Thanks. MJP

Canada Ball Hockey Korea (CBHK) 2014 Fall Season


Kickball, Football/Soccer leagues are formoing now!

KSS is back! We will play Seoul World Cup Stadium, Ttukeseom resort, and Gwacheon Sports park, and will feature weekly Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday games with an end of season tournament and PARTY!

Table Tennis

Does anyone know a place to play table tennis? 

Looking for Beach Volleyball Games or League in Busan


I really want to play some beach volleyball this summer. I'm preferably looking for a recreational league or a club in Gwangalli or Haeundae beach on saturdays or sundays. Even to drop-in on some games, if anyone knows of any, would be great. I would say I'm an intermediate player, not quite beginner and definitely not advanced, either way I just want to have some fun and be active. 


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