Looking for Beach Volleyball Games or League in Busan


I really want to play some beach volleyball this summer. I'm preferably looking for a recreational league or a club in Gwangalli or Haeundae beach on saturdays or sundays. Even to drop-in on some games, if anyone knows of any, would be great. I would say I'm an intermediate player, not quite beginner and definitely not advanced, either way I just want to have some fun and be active. 


Yoga in Jangyu


I've recently moved to Jangyu (beside Gimhae) where I'm working as an English teacher. I'm interested in taking up yoga here. Does anyone know of English-speaking or foreigner-friendly yoga classes in the area? Any help is much appreciated :)

March Madness

If someone was looking for Ncaa march madness games , That is USA COLLEGE HOOPS Tourney games,  the games both live and tape replays are being geoblocked on ncaa cbs march madness site , However Spotv +   spotv   spotv 2 are showiing some games , Right now its Michigan vs Ten ,   These channels also show nba games too ,   Enjoy the games if you enjoy them , 

BoardGameGeeks, Attention Please! :)

Hello! The Haven is a boardgame & Foreign Teachers community cafe in Yangsan; which is in northern Busan area, Shindoshi right across from Emart. It has approximately 80 board games and there is an awesome deal of monthly memberships for unlimited time and games like a monthly membership is 40,000 won + Membership discount 10% on all purchases. If you’re such a huge fan of board games like me, why don’t you stop by and check them out. As well as, if you're looking for a private party room with your friends; like a potluck party, a bday party and farewell party with plenty of board games and roomy place, The Haven will be the best place for that with a good deal. Thank you!

Horse riding and Pool


I am new to Busan.

Could anyone fill me in on details about where I can do horseriding?

Also, in relation to pool. Is there a league of some sort or any teams? I love snooker and pool and want to get back playing.


We want you(soccer)

We are starting a soccer team in Gimhae

Some of us are English teacher at schools in Gimhae,

so you don't have to worry about the communication between us

And also love making new friends and drinking, too

don't need to be good at soccer, just join and have fun together

If you're interested, please mail me at

where and when we play will be discussed together

the more people you bring, the better

Tennis is Haeundae

Hey just wondering if anyone knows of some public courts in the Haeundae area. Also if your a intermediate level player I would love to hit some balls around.

rock climbing, ice climbing, indoor climbing in busan

I am looking to gain more experience climbing (leading, belaying practice, ice climbing, rope and climbing technique, bouldering, etc) but i'm having trouble finding groups or people in Busan who participate in such activities. I've looked up and posted on KoreaOnThe Rocks to no avail.  

Any suggestions?


Horse riding

Hey, I am moving over to Busan and I really want to get back into horse riding. Does anyone know where I can do this? I have seen there is a stable somewhere in GiJang but I don't know if it's open to members of the public taking lessons?


Anyone interested playing football or futsal in Haeundae

Hi...Im korean dude who recently back home town after study abroad.

but ever since im back home, I wasnt able to play futsal cause of simple problem

'not enough people'

i try to gather up some korean but it didnt really work out.

so im just trying this gather some PLAYERS

i live in Haeundae new town, where has number of free artificial grass field + not free futsal court.

u dont have to b kick like messi or ronaldo, since i ,myself, aint no good player at all.

as long as u know how to kick n run that will do.

if u r interested plz email me

or leave reply on this post.

if i manage to have 10 people..then we shall make facebook page or something to discuss more.




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