Looking for Filipino Kali Training Partners

Looking for friends who like training. I started Hapkido a while ago and the gym is open to training for us and friends. I would like some training partners to have fun training with. It would be a mix of Filipino Kali/JKD/Muay Thai/BJJ. Fun with friends and sticks and stuff. Thank you for your interest.



Canada Ball Hockey Korea 2013 Fall League


Canada Ball Hockey Korea (CBHK) is once again recruiting a few good men and women for our 11th season of play, which will begin this September.

Bike Riding in Busan

I saw a thread about this posted a bit back but I thought it was time for a new one. Anyway, anyone interested in riding bicycles on the weekend? I have a road bike and am sick of riding the same roads alone. Ideally, I'm wondering if there is anything like a foreigner bike community in Busan but really, more than anything, if you just want to go for a bike ride on a Saturday or Sunday (during the day), post on this thread or private message me. Thanks.

Busan to Seoul via bicycle

I am looking to bicycle to Seoul from Busan over Chuseok but am wondering about the condition of the bike paths on the 4-Major River Project that the previous president initiated. Specifically, are any of them paved? Most of them? I'm asking because I only have a road bike (8-speed, thin tires, aka. NOT a mountain/trail bike). Anyone know enough to say whether I'd be able to tackle it or do I have to look at getting another bike. If it's the latter I'm not going to do and will just have to wait until a more opportune time arises. Anyway, any advice much obliged. Thanks.

Looking for tennis members in Igidae court - No fee at all -

I am an organizer of Busan Expat Tennis Club, looking for new members who want to learn or play tennis.

It is one of good sports to control your weight and help your health.

There is no fee at all to join.

Just wear proper shoes, cloth and bring a racket.

We are now meeting 4PM in every saturday, sunday.

Please text me 010 5193 8687 or send email for more inforation to join. Or take a look on directory of this site.

A couple of first time in their life is starting as a begineer and learing how to heat the ball.

I am teaching free.

Please come over and enjoy our club.

Have a good day.


Boxing or regular gyms in Suyeong-gu/dong?

I recently just moved to Busan and live in Suyeong-dong. Does anyone know of any good boxing gyms, or fitness gyms in the area? My Korean friend (girl)and I want to exercise in the evenings. Cardio style boxing, if possible, but a regular gym would be okay too.


Half Marathons in Busan?

Does anyone know if there are going to be any halfies coming up in the next few months? I'd like to do one ideally after the tempterature drops some in the Fall but if you know anything in the next several months, much appreciated. Thanks.

Looking for tennis partner in Igidae court


I am Steve came from Toronto, organized Busan Expat Tennis Court.

Our club need more people to come and play regularly on every weekend.

No entrance fee at all using court as well no memembership fee too.

Place: Igidae Park Court.

Time: 12:00 o'clock in every saturday and sunday.

How to find the place?- Just come to KSU by subway and or change local bus heading to Igadae park gate. You will find parking lot, platform park and sign on south east corner.

Welcome everybody who likes to play tennis.

Just come and share a time to play tennis and more about living in Busan.

I am always there in front of practice wall on right side with bike strip black and red.

Text me 010 5193 8687

*** Now a few guies are joing and playing*** Please comve over and see***

***Panos donated one racket for new comer, so you do not need to buy first in your life.***

Busan Rock Climbers

Hello All,

I am looking to meet and interview any climbers here in Busan. I am doing some research into the sport and would love some feedback/insight from the 'experts'.

If your keen to share your knowledge and passion about this sport send me an email at ....






Squash Courts



I am looking for squash courts in the Dongnae/Oncheonjang area. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Cheers

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