North Korean Spy Reveals The Truth Behind Otto Warmbier’s Death | The UNCUT Interview

128,213 views  Mar 27, 2023
We spoke to a Chul-eun Lee, a former high-ranking North Korean government official who defected to South Korea in 2016. If you are curious about the inner workings of the North Korean spy agency at the highest level, make sure to watch the video til the end.
Watch our first interview with Chul-eun Lee here:   

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If you want to help him financially or show your support, feel free to reach out to Chul-eun Lee here: [email protected]
The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS.

0:00 - Intro
1:03 - People’s reactions since the first interview
4:40 - Are you still getting news from North Korea?
5:37 - How did COVID Pandemic affect North Korea?
7:56 - Are North Koreans still starving to death in 2023?
8:48 - Current situation in North Korea
9:52 - North Koreans’ access to global news
10:28 - Shift in the mindset of North Koreans
11:53 - How does North Korea punish its people?
13:17 - How Kim Jong-Un killed his uncle
14:49 - Is it possible for Kim Jong-Un to maintain his power?
16:54 - How Russia-Ukraine War affects North and South Korea
18:39 - North Korea’s technologically advanced weapons
19:43 - The Otto Warmbier case
23:46 - Torture methods in North Korea
26:46 - How did you first find out about the Otto Warmbier case?
29:11 - Otto Warmbier’s confession at the news conference
29:53 - Warmbier’s sudden death after coming back to the US
33:47 - North Korea’s Biological Weapons
36:41 - North Korea’s nuclear capabilities
38:39 - Is your life under threat?
41:40 - Personal struggles since the first interview & COVID
44:39 - What could the future of North and South Korea look like? 

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