Liquid Arts Empty Venue 4

Liquid Arts Network: Empty Venue 4

Lennie Duensing Visual Art / Music
Hyun Sook Kim & Ryan Estrada Comic
Jack Jung Poetry
Samia Mounts and Java Music
Ivia Sky Yavelow Visual Art / Music
Nicole Lachat Poetry
PJ Han & Tim Paugh Poem /Short Film
David Glover Music
Donna Payton Visual Art / Music
Jason B. Crawford Poetry
Eric Ratner Music
Susan Coronel Poetry
Donna Payton Visual Art / Music
Jose Padua Poetry
Stranded Alien and Gino Brann Music
Kevin D’Abramo Poetry / Music
Leon Rainbow Visual Art / Music
Chris Oliphant Short Film
Robert Coates IV Music
Lennie Duensing Visual Art / Music


Liquid Arts Network Team:

Kathleen Hurley Liao: Visual Art Coordinator

Gordon Bazsali Jr.:Visual Art Music Coordinator

Erin Thomas: Social Media

Gino Brann: Sound

Valerie MaBelle: Videographer & Editor

Jacob Smith: Producer

Kenneth May: Director

Special Thanks

Emelie Vega


Jihyun Yun
Emily Jungmin Yoon

Recorded at The Liquid Arts Network Studio,
Busan, South Korea, July 2021

Thanks and Love to Everyone!Accepting

The Liquid Arts Empty Venue series is an online video representation of our live storied multi-discipline art event that have been going on since November 11, 2000.

For over twenty years we've given a platform to music, poetry, theater, short film, dance, and the visual arts and our growing team will continue to do this in the years ahead.

Our first online Empty Venue was a print edition curated from the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic on February 28, 2020. Our first two online video Empty Venue events were released on January 21st and on March 21st 2021.

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The Liquid Arts Network seeks to create a global community for artists. Showcasing everything from poetry, art, film, music and performance, Liquid Arts events are a mosaic of blossoming talent.