Life of an ESL Teacher in Saudi Arabia during Covid19 - The Korea Podcast #73

Saudi Arabia vs South Korea. Murray Lindsay is on the podcast tonight to talk about his life as an expat ESL teacher in South Korea and to compare that with his life in Saudi Arabia, where he presently lives and works. To top it all of, he's been through the COVID19 catastrophy, incubating in Rihad and we are going to milk him for some information on tonights podcast. So don't miss it, it could be fun. 
Murray Lindsay arrived for the first time in South Korea in July of 2001. He taught ESL in South Korea for twelve years, teaching a wide range of students from beginner to advanced. He taught at universities and colleges for five years. Murray is from Canada and is currently living and teaching English in Saudi Arabia. He has a Master's in Education, a CELTA certificate from Cambridge, and a BA in Journalism.
About me:
I am an Expat with close to a decade and a half of ESL experience. I am the Franchising Director for Shane English Korea based out of Uslan, South Korea and know a thing or two about starting and operating an ESL business. In this podcast I share some of my ideas and knowledge with a wider audience and also hope to learn new things along the way. I hope to provide our viewers with insights on how to start a Hagwon in South Korea, discuss some pitfalls and success stories, and bring an overall awareness to the beginning and running of innovative companies. 
Teaching English in Korea comes with a lot of challenges for both the teachers and owners. In discussions with our guests I try to cover as many topics related to Hagwon Startups and teaching English in Korea as well as globally as our combined experience of this field allows. 
Over the past 72 episodes, I have had the pleasure of sitting down with some pretty interesting individuals and I hope to continue this for the foreseable future. 
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