Wonder Girls and other K-pop groups in ‘Nylon’ Magazine

According to a glossy two-page spread entitled “It’s All About Seoul” in the June/July issue of Nylon, K-pop’s increasing global popularity is a quickly spreading phenomenon.

K-pop culture is wildly popular in East and Southeast Asia (even Europe!), so it’s only a matter of time before the heavily idolized pop groups make their debut in the U.S. Nylon’s Rebecca Willa Davis points out that K-pop groups like Wonder Girls and JYJ are already making headway stateside by appearing as opening acts, and collaborating with American artists.

People who have listened to K-pop either love it or hate it; but either way, it has a tendency to get stuck in your head. Davis cleverly attributes this to its “undeniable catchiness,” which also “allows K-pop to succeed where other international music movements have failed.”

Davis explains another reason why it’s so successful:

Also on K-pop’s side is social networking, which has already played a major part in the genre’s popularity. Between YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and message boards, the globalization of music is inevitable; it’s easy to hear a new band, watch their videos, buy their music, translate their lyrics, and connect with other fans, without ever actually visiting Korea.

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[Photo: Nylon Magazine]