Windows 7 officially released

What do you MEAN they don't come with it?! Comments are open if anyone has a better caption. (Source: Yonhap)

Although somewhat of a computer geek, Windows 7 has managed to fly under my radar for quite awhile. I'm not sure which is more unusual - hearing about the new operating system from a Korean newspaper first, or Microsoft using Twitter reviews on their home page. It looks to be a straight feed from Twitter (along with Facebook and other blogs), as not every post is glowing.

Although technically released yesterday, it's been under testing for awhile. Most reviews I've seen are generally positive, but have yet to mention a 'killer app' or other must-have feature.

At this point, Windows XP is and will be the OS of choice for most people I know for awhile. At $119.99 - $219.99 it's not overly expensive to upgrade, and the plethora of positive reviews calms the nerves a little. You'll get Windows 7 if you buy a new computer, but if you're in no hurry to upgrade I'm sure you'll be in good company.

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