Vegan Month Of FOod

160x220_g3Life is full of surprises and new beginnings. And this month is a doozy. I wanted to reboot the Vegan Urbanite with some fresh content and fanatic energy, so I’ve signed on for Vegan MOFO 2013. If you’re not familiar with Vegan MOFO it’s a month of daily blogging (EST) on vegan related matters.

September will certainly be a month of firsts. Running with the theme of New Beginnings, here is a peek at what you’re in for:

~ VU goes raw for a week. I’m a little nervous about this one but interested to see if there are any visible effects after 7 days of eating at least 80% raw.

~Moving cities. Yes, we are packing up and moving to another city  country! After 8 years of living abroad I’m returning to New Zealand with my three animal companions to begin a new career.

~Vegan sunscreen. How sunscreens aren’t vegan and my recommendations.

~An ethical and observational probe into zoos around the world (with some outrageous and disturbing pictures).

~Interview with Tobias Leenaert on Germany’s popular Meat Free Monday’s.

~Restaurant reviews and of course recipes galore! Stay tuned



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