'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

Twas the night before Christmas , and all through Korea
all the waygooks were saying to their family: 'won't see ya"

A teacher of English was  hunched in her room
while dreaming of soju-the liquor of doom.
when from the outside there rose such a clamor
but it was just an old ajumma in her highest of glamour.

She glared at the waygooks and shoved them around
then turned and with a breath: spat on the ground.
The foreigners rubbed their rib cages in shame,
amazed an old lady their bruises could blame.

As the teacher of English went down to the subway,
she heard a loud noise that sounded like a stray...
rocket that could have been sent from the north
to blow her to wee bits, pieces and so forth.

Much to her surprise, her eyes they did see:
a man dressed as Santa soaring above the trees.
And what was that written on his sleigh’s shiny rung?
“Korean Santa: sponsored by Samsung”

As the teacher of English sighed with relief,
Korean Santa shouted one message brief:
He reached out his arms and rang out a gong:
saying merry Christmas to all, and to all “annyeong!"
Meg's Got Seoul
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