Spaz Attack!

This morning, I managed to leave my house relatively unscathed. That was the end of my good luck.  While walking up the stairs to my classroom I somehow managed to fall up the stairs and land on my face.  Luckily my travel coffee cup lid is amazing and did not spill coffee all over my nice white shirt. Ten minutes later I knocked over my coffee while the lid was open and spilled coffee on a gigantic stack of student papers.

On the plus side none of my students were there to witness my ridiculousness AND no new injuries were sustained....aside from the papers.

Tomorrow is Sports Day at school. I am supposed to wear a track suit or equally sport attire. The closest I have to that are my college sweats...not something I want the parents or students to see me in. I'm not a sporty person. This is quite obvious from my inability to walk without causing injury to myself. I think I shall compromise with a sporty polo shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Happily, I am not teaching but will probably be expected to stand around a bit and cheer.  That I can probably handle without hurting myself. Probably.