"Seoul to Vaccinate 10 Mil. Against Influenza A"

So says the Korea Times:
South Korea plans to vaccinate 10 million people against influenza A by the end of this year to stem the rapid spread of the disease that has so far claimed three lives in the country.

Health and Welfare Minister Jeon Jae-hee said of the 13.3 million people, including young children and pregnant women, who are most at risk, about 75 percent will be vaccinated by December.

She said Seoul has contacted Britain's GlaxoSmithKline and secured an order for 10 million doses of an anti-viral vaccine, with more to be bought next year.

Jeon said full-scale vaccinations will begin in November with 27 percent of the country's 48 million population to receive protection by February 2010.

Authorities said that medical and quarantine personnel, people suffering from various diseases that inhibit the body's immune systems, young children, pregnant women, students and soldiers are most exposed to the new strain of the flu that have affected most countries in the world.

Jeon also said that South Korea plans to stockpile its Tamiflu reserve so it can treat 10 million people at any given time.
Um, right, sure. I love the idea of a 'full-scale' vaccination program including exactly 27 percent of the population. Oh yes, and let's get young children and students, but not the teachers. Nah - let's keep them on a one-week home quarantine just in case the foreigners are dirty.

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