Rooftop Cinco De Mayo Party for a cause!!!Best party in Busan. May 4th


Come out to the best Cinco De Mayo party in Busan. The party starts early with a rooftop BBQ looking out over the beautiful city of Busan. followed by great music and dancing on the rooftop and in the Moose. 

The cost is 10,000 won to enter. (All entrance profits will go to the Sprouting Scholars)
Each person will get a free grilled chicken steak with each entrance and a free drink to be redeemed later in the night at The Basement. 
We are going to have tequila specials all throughout the party!!
We will even have a special Margarita for sale for those inclined in experiencing the real Cinco De Mayo. 
We will have a raffle going on to support Sprouting Scholars with a free bottle of premium tequila to be had by the winner.

No Cinco De Mayo Party will be complete without a pinata which will have tickets for free drinks and other special goodies. Each swing will cost 2,000 won.

We will also be selling some special traditional Mexican dishes which will also benefit the Sprouting Scholars fund.

Come join the best Cinco De Mayo party in Busan on May 4th. 
Enjoy some great music, and of course the rooftop experience. 
If you want to order tickets early please message me before May 2 and we can set it up.

More about what you are supporting
Sprouting Scholars, Inc. was established in 2011 as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, for the purpose of funding education, and all aspects necessary to obtain one, for children who cannot afford to go to school. It was founded by four young women after a life-changing volunteer trip to Southeast Asia in 2008.
Sprouting Scholars is an education fund, currently initiating it’s efforts in Cambodia, with intentions of expanding globally. It’s aim is to support underprivileged children and young adults throughout the world in obtaining a meaningful education.
The founders and board of directors are dedicated to keeping administrative costs to a bare minimum, and throughout various projects, seek to improve the lives of many young scholars.
Mission: Enriching the lives of children through education in order to nurture fertile minds and yield fruitful tomorrows.
Vision: We envision this organization as a vehicle for children to advance themselves through

Come on out and join the best Cinco De Mayo party in Busan on May 4th.

Enjoy some great music, and of course the rooftop experience.

Get your tickets early before the event sells out.


Email Matthew Lesperance at for tickets or you can pay at the door.


The website for Sprouting Scholars is below.  If you are interested in learning more about the fund, please take a look. You can find out about getting involved in the program, donating, as well as other events and informations.