Man of the Week: Kim Hyeon Woo (김현우)

To close out the Olympics season, I bring you Kim Hyeon Woo as the man of the week. What a hottie.
Wrestle me next...
I used to watch WWF just to see guys in leotards... I really didn't like the fighting part. Although I have less of a visceral reaction as an adult, I can still appreciate a guy in a singlet. And the sport is pretty homo-erotic if you ask me. Seriously, I do stuff like this in the sack all of the time:

Kim Hyeon Woo (born in 1988) was the gold medal winner for Greco-Roman wrestling this season. He has been wrestling since he was 13, which I guess you can see from his great figure. 

He was pushed around a bit, but still managed to win gold. Man, though, he got quite a shiner. 
I can make you feel better...
Just to wrap up this quick post, here is a video of South Korean wrestlers. Including the cut, and handsome, Kim Hyeon Woo. 

You're welcome.