Korean Socks: The Start of an Addiction

Last year, when I bought a handbag, I got a pair of socks for free with my purchase. At the time, I scoffed at the ridiculous white, pink and gold bunnies and wondered what about me said 'I like to wear animals on my feet.'  They went to the back of my sock drawer, where they stayed...until I was low on socks one belated laundry day and put them on. It was so utterly ridiculous that I actually enjoyed the experience and put them into my regular laundry rotation.  

Earlier this year while shopping in a Korean market I saw a pair of socks with a cat lovingly holding a fish on them. For 1,000 won (less than a dollar) I figured, why not? I started wearing the cute socks on the first day of clean laundry instead of as a last resort. And no one even noticed at work because EVERYONE ELSE WEARS THEM TOO. I'm talking 40 year old women with cute animals on their feet. Why not? If you are going to go around in socks all day why not have them be absolutely adorable? 

Friday was the grand opening of CNA in Yangsan. CNA is a shop full of amazingly cutesy things and school supplies all for very cheap. It was my favorite store in old Yangsan area but since the Hemingway closed I don't go as often so having a local branch makes me exceedingly happy. Somehow, with no purchase over a few bucks I managed to spend 33,000 won...including a giant pile of adorable socks.  They cheer me up having something so ridiculous on my feet. 
I am currently wearing the weight-lifting monkey socks. They are amazing.