Korean Halva

Back when I was a carefree type I came across some excellent Halva in Beijing. The Halva was nutty, sticky and a bit of a jaw breaker, but nevertheless it became one of the highlights of my Asian street food odyssey.

I thought that was it for halva-esque snacks for a while, but last weekend whilst on a reconnaisance mission to the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the Seoul Art Museum, for Sarah’s new art blog, I discovered this look-alike.

Like the Beijing Halva, this street food snack was sweet and packed full of nuts. Unlike our Chinese friend however, the centre was made up of a white nougat-like substance that was soft and chewy in some places, and hard and crunchy in others.

I have to admit that I didn’t think much of this stuff to begin with. The centre seemed a little boring, and compared to jam-packed halva it wasn’t too exciting nut-wise. After taking it home and letting it sit for a while however, I began to see it in a different light. The centre, far from being bland, was fantastically sweet and the nut casing packed a serious protein punch.

More than this, it has inspired me to act. There is a van outside our apartment block that sells bags of loose nuts for peanuts – add a little honey, and I sense a recipe coming on!