The Jet Lag Zombie

From 9am until about lunch I feel like a happy camper. It's as if I've just woken up from a nap in which I elected to wear my pajamas. After lunch I start descending into what my mother calls 'uber bitch mode.' Basically, my body is whining that it's the middle of the night and why oh why won't I go to bed already? It becomes physically painful. I heroically persevere (and annoy everyone around me while I do so) until bedtime when I attempt to sleep. Then my body says 'but it's the middle of the afternoon! Get up lazy bones and go for a walk or something.' Stupid internal clock.

Culture shock is much easier than last time. I still hand money the Korean way but I'm not surprised when store clerks speak to me in English.  However, I do get startled when I hear English conversations around me as I'm used to just having white noise or god forbid, k-pop.

There haven't been any major spaz moments, mainly because in my zombie like state I don't move as much as usual. Less room for failure!