I have been hesitant to mention it because I don’t want to make...

I have been hesitant to mention it because I don’t want to make it a bigger deal than it is, but… The Canadian and I ended our relationship.

I think I haven’t been in a good place (mentally) lately and that has increased our incompatibility. Not for any one particular reason, but I’ve just been feeling a bit sad. I have my issues with trust, anxiety, and crippling fear of failure. Busy thinking about past relationship and life disappointments, etc. Also, I’ve invested in the wrong friends time and time again. Everyone that I let in to see the real me seems to disappoint me by not being worth the effort in the end.

I’m known to be pretty critical of myself. I know I need to face my demons on my own. I want to be alone. As selfish as it sounds, I need to focus on me.

Dating other foreigners in Korea can be such a blessing, as it can make the experience feel much less lonely. We often share a common, native language, and can comment similarly on our experiences abroad. But time within a dyad takes away from nurturing other friendships and personal endeavors.

We ended things on really good terms, unlike how my past relationships have gone. He is so patient and so kind. I just don’t think I’m in the right place to appreciate him or us. Or maybe we’re just not meant to be. I dunno. So… Back to singledom.


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