Hwamyeong: Wicked Spoon

Wicked Spoon (formerly Wicked Snow) is a great spot with nice decor in the heart of Hwamyeong.  We've checked it out a few times for their Bing-su, but realistically I've been more impressed with their pasta.  Whenever I have a big craving this seems to hit the spot.

Directions: Head out of Hwamyeong Subway Station Exit 1.  Walk straight to the major intersection and continue by crossing the street.  Take a quick right, walk one block, turn left, and just beyond the Davichi Eyewear and before Latte King  you'll see an entry to the officetel.  Wicked Spoon is on the 2nd floor.

This is a chicken and bacon spaghetti with a cream sauce that has the tiniest bit of heat.  Lots of peppers and onions in this bad boy, it's great to share with a friend when you want to be a little less decadent.  KRW 13,000  We had planned on being healthier by also getting the Santa Fe Chicken Salad:

...our salad was chicken fingers.  Neither of us was about to complain!  This "salad" of lightly panko-crusted chicken covered in honey mustard sauce topped with hard-boiled eggs, a little lettuce, and a few cherry tomatoes was KRW 13,000.

This is my favourite dish: a spicy bulgogi spaghetti with a gochujang cream sauce, hot peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  If you like heat then this is the option for you!  It's KRW 13,000 and was worth every penny. 

We had a girls night and ordered 2 bing-su for 6 of us.  The chocolate cheesecake was my favourite - chocolate bing-su is the real deal!  Remember chocolate popsicles?  Imagine those with cheesecake bites with oreo on the bottom and vanilla ice cream on top.  Amazing.  The mango is really tasty too, but I'm a chocolate gal at heart.  Bing-su ranges anywhere from KRW 8,000 - KRW 13,000 but these were both KRW 10,500.

While we were eating the bing-su, some fried chicken showed up - service!  For those of you who don't know, "service" is on the house.  The owner/ manager at Wicked Spoon is so friendly and speaks English so we were happily surprised when this fried chicken dish arrived.  It came with honey mustard and sweet chili sauces, a small salad, and fries.  The fried chicken itself was really moist and tasty.  I would definitely return for it down the line! 

...and just a reminder, Mom, this is what I eat at practically every meal at home: scrambled eggs, peppers, broccoli mixed greens, and colby jack.  Just a little reminder that while it would be just as frugal to eat out every night at one of the many inexpensive places in Hwamyeong, I really don't know what is going into my meals unless I make them myself.

Have you been to Wicked Spoon yet?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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