How to order from i-Herb

For those {really} hard to find items

I love cooking, but am sick of substituting ingredients because of unavailability. Even while enjoying my meal I can’t help but wonder what it ‘should have’ tasted like.

So can you imagine my delight to learn that i-herb ships to South Korea? And that they carry hundreds of brands not found on our shores. Healthy, nutritious plant-based products like vegetable  protein, herbal teas, vegan marshmallows and pesto sauce – as well as all those naughty foods too like mint dark chocolate.

Delivered in only 4 days:

Nutritional Yeast

TSP Textured Soy Protein

5 blocks of dark chocolate {no regrets}

Sun-dried tomatoes

Artichoke hearts

 How do you order from i-herb (and save $5)?

Here’s the fun part. The part that requires the most restraint. Shop by brand or product for such wonderful delights as tahini, sun-dried tomatoes, steel-cut oats and vegan products like vitamins and beauty products free from animal bi-products. You can basically find all the vegan necessities without having to bug your family to send you items.

You can find your zip code here. You will be directed to a page where you’ll enter your shipping details. From there you’ll need to fill in the form below for Korean customs.

Where it asks for your City / State/ Postal Code you can enter 1 in place of your state code as South Korea is not separated by states.

You’ll have a chance to review your information before you’re charged. You’ll also be asked if you have  promo card. Use promo code: HUP655 for a $5 discount.

It takes between 4-7 days (including the weekend) to be delivered. It’s a fabulous service, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s been such a blessing while living so far from home.
A savvy vegan in South Korea
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