Off to Hogwarts we go!


This year’s Harry Potter Camp was taught by Professor Froglegs, an eccentric old bat with an odd American accent (aka me ^^). Froglegs couldn’t keep up with her horrendous British imitation and was forced to admit she was an American professor who had been smuggled to teach English (of all things!) at Hogwarts.

For three days the young witches endured lessons on:

  • Banner Making to create House Spirit and test their English adjectives
  • Wand Making to test their abilities at grammar and correct word selection. A spell won’t work without a proper sentence!
  • Board Game creation to test their craftsmanship and ability to recognize basic game board commands in the English tongue.
  • World Cup Competition: an ongoing point system to create House Spirit and select a winner of the Harry Potter Camp. From winning games, remembering House passwords, or wearing House colors, the young witches received points on their performance. 
UPDATE: So it appears because the video has Harry Potter music in it, WMG blocked it. So here is a link to version 2 which does not have the cool music. Lame.