Daegu turns Musical


The Daegu Theatre Troupe’s sister group, Daegu Musical Revue, put on its first show this past November. It was a mixture of solos, duets and choral performances from various classic and contemporary shows.

Aaaahh! I almost died doing this show. I was massively sick and thus my voice was shot. I got stage fright…yep I was freaking out about doing this solo. Thankfully one of the main guys doing the show was just amazing and kept encouraging me to do it even though I came into every practice ready to quit. 

Ironically, the song I sang was “Climbing Uphill” from The Last Five Years – about an actress who’s mediocre acting career is making her dreams seem impossible and out of reach. Ha, so the acting was not really acting. It was me being me and dying on stage haha. 

Anywho, enjoy….sorry the video quality sucks, they were from my friend’s iPhone and I couldn’t get most of them.