151 foreigners have it: a survey of foreigners, for foreigners

Stafford from the Chosun Bimbo / Seoul Podcast / the Hub of Sparkle has finished a survey of foreigners living in Korea. The results? Highly worth reading in graph format, as well as his brief interpretations.

151 foreigners took the survey as seen here (full results can be seen here):

104 males, 47 females
120 of 151 people between 20-35 (the rest are above 35)
75 from the US, 34 from Canada, 21 from the UK, and the rest from other countries

To the big question: "Why did you come to Korea?"
Fun and adventure
59 39%
Economic reasons (Student loan etc)
54 36%
The Big OE! (Overseas Experience)
59 39%

Another question asked about the community in Korea among expats:
1 -
No Community
10 7%
60 40%
65 43%
13 9%
5 -
Super connected community
2 1%

And another question that asked about the adequacy of service for expats by Korea (where 1 is completely inadequate and 5 is excellent):

While far from a full, formal survey of foreigners in Korea, it certainly confirms a few mindsets held by a number of bloggers about what foreigners in Korea really need.

What do you think? Comments are open.

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