12/21/12 - Which Time Zone Did They Mean?

December 21, 2012
Though I didn't really know all the reasoning and history behind the 12/21/12 apocalyptic theory, I knew that it meant the end of the world was coming.  I watched the clock on my computer turn past midnight on 12/21/12 (South Korea time) while I was texting a friend of mine on Facebook.  When nothing happened I thought either heaven has wifi and Facebook, or maybe the time zone thing was an issue.

Well, it's 9:00 am on Friday and I'm about to start classes in about 15 minutes.  So my friends and family back home (13 hour difference) may have a few more hours left.

In any event, I have a lot to do this weekend so if this end of the world thing is still a possibility, it couldn't have come at a worse time...

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