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English Hapkido school Sunmukwan

Do you really want a great body?

Do you really want a great body? Do you want to feel strong and full of energy all day long? Do you want to feel confident and unafraid in any situation? If you do then you want to become a member of the English Hapkido school at Sunmukwan.

The English Hapkido school at Sunmukwan is the place where you can train your body and your mind to become the absolute best that it can be by learning the martial art form of Hapkido from 5th degree black belt instructor Master Yoon. The English Hapkido school at Sunmukwan is the only English speaking hapkido training center in all of Busan and is a member of the International H.K.D. Federation.

Instructor Master Yoon has 23 years of experience and has produced more foreign black belts than anyone in Busan. Master Yoon is a patient and knowledgeable instructor who cares about his students and their well being. The English Hapkido school at Sunmukwan is very convenient, offering you various training schedules. Depending on the plan that you choose you can train 3 or 5 times a week, in the morning or in the evening Monday to Friday. Payment plans are inexpensive, conven

ient and can be made monthly as well as every three months. Come and train your body and mind in this safe, comfortable and clean environment.

So, if you are looking for a challenge, want to lose weight, meet great foreign people from around the world and learn a practical form of self defense, The English Hapkido school at Sunmukwan is the right place for you.

Don't wait any longer call now and start today!

Training includes: exercise, various weapons ( Long stick, walking stick, short stick, Noon chucks, sword), and Hapkido Boxing.

Facilities include: Separate Male & Female dressing rooms, hot and cold shower area, fully heated and air conditioned training area.

Directions: Get off at subway stop 209 (Gwangan).  Head straight out exit #5.  You will go 3 or so blocks.  You will pass a gas station and a Honda dealership.  The dojang is to your left.  There is a big blue, white, and red sign that says English Hapkido School.

Schedule: M-F, morning class 10-11am, and evening classes 8-9pm, 9:30-10:30pm.

Phone: 051-753-7087

Cell Phone: 010-4538-7087

email: [email protected]


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