Live Hip Hop at Eva's Ticket


Saturday, August 30, 2014 - 21:00


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Eva's Ticket is proud to bring some of the best hip hop acts in Korea together for a night of free live music in Busan.

Saturday, August 30th, 2014.

Part Time Cooks (Seoul)
J Jones (Busan)
Rob the Locksmith (Busan)
Scotty Soul (Seoul)
Que (Seoul)
ZNOTE (Seoul)
Fusion (Busan)

Live music starts at 9PM.

Part Time Cooks.
Seoul's most talented hip hop group come to Eva's Ticket for their first ever show in Busan. Saul Goode (North Carolina, U.S.A) and Black Moss (Durban, South Africa) team up with their DJ, QuE (Potty Mouth Productions), to create one of the most powerful expat rap groups Korea may have ever seen. Part Time Cooks released the Midnight Snack EP on May 10th to huge reception in Korea's underground hip hop scene. No bullshit. The EP is available for free streaming and download at:

J Jones. 
The well known emcee in Busan's live music scene, J Jones released his first mixtape, Nothing's Really Real, a year ago. Building on the next project, he'll perform a full set - including some never before heard tracks.

Scotty Soul.
Hip hop producer & DJ for a handful for Korea's top artists (including Part Time Cooks & J Jones). Scotty lives in Seoul straight out of the Poison City - Durban, South Africa.

Rob the Locksmith.
1/2 of the Busan Hip Hop/Rock duo Robscenity, bona fide verbalist Rob the Locksmith will open the night with the type of rhyme schemes and metaphors that make real hip-hop heads check the lyrics. 

South African producer and DJ, ZNOTE is coming up in Seoul with a steady flow of productions and sets showcasing the best of Future House, RnB and Bounce.

Canadian freestyle rapper, Fusion, has been spitting frees in Korea for the past 6 years in both English and Korean. Interactive rhymes - all off the head! You will hear no writtens from this MC.

Check the comments below for music videos and links to the featured artist's music.