June Busan Foreign Culture Market


Saturday, June 6, 2015 - 13:00


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From: https://www.facebook.com/events/1066978143315538/1068397729840246/

Wondering what will be where?

HQ: Hummus, Curries, enchiladas, Salsas and pickles, Jewelry, goats cheese and yogurts, soaps and lotions

Beached: Fudge, burritos, British goods, cheese and yogurts, clothes stall, decorative tiles, pickles, candles

Sharky's: Macaroons, jewelry, baked goods, gluten free pies and baked goods, cheese cakes, pin badges for animal shelter fundraiser

Once again there will be a strong emphasis on raising money for charitable causes..

The Busan foreigner market is a monthly event where people can buy and sell things from around the world. The intention is to introduce the cultures and products from a number of countries to both other foreigners living in Busan and also to Koreans in Busan. The market also works each month to raise funds for charities local to Busan and Korea based. 

Currently we are raising funds for BAPS (a local no kill dog shelter entirely donation funded), the Busan women's shelter (which provides help and accommodation for women and their children fleeing abusive relationships) and Educate a child (which is a Korean based charity that pays school fees for children who otherwise couldn't afford to go to school, no admin fees are taken from donations and sponsorship so 100% of the money goes towards helping the children).