HA HA Hole (Comedy Open Mic ) @ HQ Kyungsung


Friday, November 16, 2012 - 22:00


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Ladies and Gents,

For the past three years, the Ha Ha Hole has consistently delivered uproarious laughter to the denizens of PNU, ignoring the humorless masses that gather in the Kyungsung area, forlorn and alone with only a bottle from Family Mart and the unending din coming from Blue Monkey to give them solace.

But no more! Starting in November (and continuing as a bi-monthly event), Busan's only comedy open mic, THE HA HA HOLE, will be held on the third floor of KSU's finest chicken wing establishment,

 HQ Bar. Laughter is once again a part of our dark, awful-techno-infused world, and IT'S FREE!

Plenty of familiar faces will be performing, of course, but this is an Open Mic, so anyone who has the nerves and the capability to bring the yuk-yuks is welcome to perform.

Sign-up starts at 9:30 and is first come, first serve.

Show starts at 10:00.

Hosted by John Meyerriecks, a man you'll surely learn to loathe by the end of the night