Busan Welcome Bar Crawl in KSU


Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 21:00


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From: https://www.facebook.com/events/1387904001524217/

Hey Busan’s new teachers and party animals!

Now that the new teachers have settled in, it’s time to show them how we turn up in Korea at our favourite KSU hotspots! We’ll be moving our party from one bar to the next every hour from 9:00PM to 1:00AM and will hold a giveway drawing at the end for some awesome prizes!

WHO: WinK Busan, Eva’s Ticket, HQ, Eva’s, Blue Monkey
WHEN: March 7th, 9PM to 1AM
WHERE: Kyungsung (KSU)

WHAT:Collect your stamp card at any of the participating bars and get it stamped by every bar on the list throughout the night. Once you've collected all 5 bars' stamps, submit your card to Eva's (original) in time for the 1:30AM drawing and grab one of the prizes! Check out the description below for food and drink specials and drawing giveaways.

----------------THE LINEUP----------------

WINK BUSAN - Busan’s premier travel group, taking you all over Korea for the best festivals, culture spots and party getaways. Like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/winkbusan/)!
DRAW GIVEAWAYS: *1 free admission to Tallship Island Hopping trip (200,000 KRW value)*
*2 giveaways of 50,000 KRW voucher towards any upcoming trip*

EVA’S TICKET - 9:00PM - Your place for live music and great food!!
Any Pizza - 12,000
Double Gin/Rum/Vodka - 6,000
Strawberry Tequila - 4,000
DRAW GIVEAWAYS: *One delicious pizza*
*Badass bottle service*

HQ - 10:00PM
Smoked pulled pork and pork belly sliders plus sides - 10,000
Tequila Shots and Shot Of The Week Shots - 3,000
Cass on tap - 2500
Buy 3 shots at one time and get to spin the “HQ Bar Wheel Of Doom And Glory”
DRAW GIVEAWAYS: *1 Smoked Pork Sandwich*
*2 Cass pitchers*
*Craft Beer 6 Pack*

DRUNKEN MASTER - 11:00AM - Grand Opening night!
Vodka/Rum/Gin doubles + mixer - 6,000 KRW
Beer Pong - 2,000 KRW discount
Tequila shots - 2,000 KRW
Bartender's Special - 1,000 KRW
DRAW GIVEAWAY: *30,000 voucher for Drunken Master*

BLUE MONKEY - 12:00AM - Hip hop lovers and dancers, this club’s the spot for YOU!
Chocolate Martinis - 5,000 KRW
Blue Monkey shots - 1,000 KRW
First 10 people to get their card stamped get a scratch ticket for Blue Monkey giveaways
DRAW GIVEAWAY: *1 big ass bottle of liquor*

EVA’S - 1:00AM - Drawing at 1:30AM!
Buffalo wings & french fries with a Cass draft - 15,000 KRW
Double Vodka/Gin/Rum with a mixer - 6,000 KRW
Long Island Iced Tea - 5,000 KRW
Jim Beam - 4,000 KRW
3 Tequila shots - 10,000 KRW
DRAW GIVEAWAY: *1 big ass bottle of liquor*